Abandono SP

Together with some good mates such as Akbo and Depor, we found this abandoned warehouse in the heart of São Paulo. These abandoned warehouses and factories so common in Brazil give us plenty of spots to hang out and paint. In the other hand, they just show us how stupid and evil is an economy of our country, which focuses on supplying cheap feedstock to the world instead of producing our own goods and technology.


The result is the bankruptcy of national industry and the reinforcement of our colony nature as a 3rd World Country. Exploratory businesses in the other hands, such as multinational's Nestle and Coca-Cola are going quite well in Brazil, as usual, thanks to an elite of disgraceful sons of bitches such as our current president and of course the majority of worldwide leaders, who are just puppets in the hands of capitalism beasts and bankers. But that is not the subject of this post though. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the images...