Mauro 'Muretz' is a Brazilian artist mostly known for his graffiti and street artwork. Born in the East Side of the city of São Paulo (ZL), but grew up in a small town in the country side. Muretz began working with art around the age of 17 as a freelancer after getting expelled from school and had to start earning a living doing exactly what got him kicked out: drawing.

Around 19 and pressured by friends and family, young Muretz enrolled into a college but got frustrated shortly afterwards and soon abandoned the course in disgust. Frustrated, he left his country with his savings and travelled to London in 2003, where he could instantly make a living working with his passion. Muretz also enrolled into a Masters Degree course at Central Saint Martins University, which he also abandoned because he was unable to pay for the tuition.

The artist returned to his birth town (São Paulo) in 2010 and then started painting on the streets. His works have been featured on graffiti and street art publications and magazines around the world.

The artist currently lives in São Paulo city and travels for work all around the globe.