June 2018
Chris Versteeg (editor)

Issue 17 is out now and is fresh as a summer morning! We have once again composed an attractive mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Highlight this issue is a short interview with the Swiss ladies from KCBR who prove James Brown right when he said it’s a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman. Damn right! They added trainwriting to the top ten list of things Switzerland is famous for and it looks like they have no intention of stopping until they get enough. One way or another!


The Art of Rebellion IV

November 1, 2016
by Christian Hundertmark (Author)

One of the most successful street art series ever published with 100,000 copies in print, Art of Rebellion was the originator, presenting the finest artwork ever created by artists on the street worldwide. Now at long last comes a new volume featuring approximately 100 artists with their personal favorites innovative work in a variety of media that arrests our attention and transforms our cities into open air museums. Artists featured include SPY, Vhils, Stak, Jordan Seiler, Ripo, Dotsy, Toasters, Felipe Pantone, SPY, HuskMitNavn, Ermsy, *G, Space Invader, Nomad and more.


Zupi 50th Special Edition

Bimonthly Magazine
May, 2016
Allan Szacher (Editor)

The independent cross media arts magazine from Brazil brought Muretz on the cover of it’s 50th aniversary edition in May 2016. Also featuring articles with Amanda Wachob, Amr Elshamy, Cadu Confort, Carlos Siqueira, Chaim Machlev, Cranio, David Côté, Ed-mun, Federica Piancone, Fernando Chamarelli, Flávio Cerqueira, Gustavo Bernal Bernal, Harumi Hironaka, Kengo Kuma, Leandro Ferraz, Lucas Lamenha, Lucas Ponce, Luciano Salles, Luiz Escañuela, Mauro Martins, Muretz, Renê Junior, Pietro Luigi, Kitchelly Oliveira, Rod Hunt, Rodrigo Kupfer, Victor Masi, Wagner Loud, Willian Santiago and more.