Highbury & Islington Mural

During the latest exhibition in London, a mural was painted at the back of the old Highbury & Islington train station in London, where new resides the Garage club.


Nou Colors Advocates

While shooting a promo for Nou Colors, a couple shutter doors were gifted by 2 new Muretz pieces in Barra Funda, Sao Paulo. On a quite Sunday morning the artist shows up and throws up a couple characters on these doors as the sun raised and set down.


Such a quiet street supposes that these pieces will be seen only by the few who seek carefully through this nearly hidden spot. For these pieces, Muretz restrains from using outlines at all, and lays them with a gray colour palette thematic from his latest works.

All spray paint was kindly provided by Nou Colors. The mural took about 4 hours to be completed from sketch to finished. All photos by Davi Neri. Sao Paulo 2017.

Avenida Rebouças

Invited by IdeaFixa and TNT Energy Drink to transform an abandoned wall at one of the busiest avenues in Sao Paulo, the artist chose to represent the chaotic environment of the city with a range of different elements and characters that were not correlated to each other.

Mixing and arranging them together to fit the whole space of the wall combined them into a group. All elements of the painting were laid using a limited palette of 5 colors, from white to greys and black.


The result is a piece that dialogs with people that walk by, almost inserting them in the painting as one of the characters portraited.

To acomplish this minimalistic work, Muretz used only spray paint which was kindly provided by Nou Colors. The mural took 4 full days to be completed, from sketch to finished.